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E-filing tax Pro is a leader in the professional tax industry with
more than 15 years of experience offering 100% web based
tax software while helping thousands more gain acces to
affordable technologu driven professional tax software.
That’s why our helpful online tax preparation program works with you to make the filing process as painiess as possible. Many tax preparers can use our online tax platform to electronically file taxes – in less than 15 minutes!

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All-inclusive tax

Professional tax software built by and for tax preparers.
Prepare 1040 federal, state and local tax returns

mobile app

TaxesToGo™ allows your clients to securely send you their tax info without having to step foot in an office.

bank products

Get your clients their refund fast and get paid sooner through one of our six bank partners.

Auditing and Tax resolution services

Tax credit and form assistance

We work to found denied credits such as:
Earned income Tax Credit. Child Tax Credits and Education Credits.

We also assist in resolving issues related to ITIN (W-7) applications.
Schedule A, Schedule C, and Schedule E.

IRS tax fraud assistance

We will assist clients who experience problems in filing their tax return due to a suspected tax fraud incident by interacting with the IRS on their behalf. We will help to complete all required paperwork to be submitted to the IRS. To prevent future incidents.

Tax debt relief

We offers helo to clients who owe tax debts to the IRS.
When additional taxes, penalties, and interest are assessed, working with the IRS can be a confusing and stressful experience.

IRS Approved E-File Transmitter

When you’re dealing with Social Security numbers, tax IDs, and personal financial data, security has to be a top priority. Rest assured yhat our secure website and strict business processes are designed to proyect your data against unauthorized access at every set.

Our security measures include:

  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Best encryption software suggested by the IRS.
  • Multi-factor Authentication to verify your identity.
  • Third-party auditing.

Supports Experian, Transunion, and Equifax credit data.
Provides options for both three bureau and single bureau credit monitoring.

Tax Filing On The Go


Is a mobile app that allows you to send your tax information to you professional tax preparer from anywhere – no need for an office visit!
You can save time and get your refund quickly.


Securely transmit your tax documents and information to your preparer using a unique Tax ID number for confidential communication.

Easy To Use

Simply snap a picture of your tax documents, send them to your preparer and sign your tax return all from your mobile device.


Quickly and securely send your tax documents to your professional preparer from your mobile device without ever having to visit an office.

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